2019 Puget Sound Pagan Pride 


All Hallows' Eve


October 12 - 13th, 2019

9:00 - 5:00pm


Seattle Center The Armory

305 Harrison St, Seattle, WA 98109


  • Mystic Media: the art of Valerie Herron Original art, giclee prints, cards, art medallions, and misc. http://valerieherron.com 

  • Flying Rowan Healing ArtsOgham and tarot readings, original artwork, spell oil blends and kitshttp://www.flyingrowan.com

  • Chain Me Up Boutique Chainmaille jewelry http://www.facebook.com/chainmeupboutique

  • Evocative Experiments LLC (Tarot of Brass & Steam)Steampunk tarot deck and related artworkhttp://www.brassandsteam.com/gallery.html

  • Claire Mack Arts/ The Illuminated Earth OracleThe Illuminated Earth Oracle, as well as related art prints and paintings.http://www.clairemackarts.etsy.com  or  www.clairemack.com

  • Intuitive Eye Readings, Emotional Energy Healing, Body Psychology Coaching http://www.ThriveTypes.com

    The Scarlet CrowBone Reader and Mediumhttp://www.thescarletcrow.net

  • D Connor ArtworkPaintings in watercolor, acrylic and oil on canvas and paper. Greeting Cards: Hand made greeting cards.https://robojenlob.wixsite.com/connor

  • Tacoma Nutritional TherapyHolistic Nutritionist http://www.tacomanutritionaltherapy.com

  • Amaris RisingUnique handmade tarot bags, altar cloths, bags and purseshttp://facebook.com/AmarisRising

  • Reiki healing Reiki, candles, jewelry, paintings

  • Zilka Forgewerks Ritually hand-forged jewelry and kniveshttp://www.zilkaforgewerks.com

  • Copper Moon Jewelry - Jewelry featuring goddess statement pieces using healing stones and crystals and designs with the elements and mother earth.http://coppermoonjewelry.com

  • PNW Soap CoVegan bath and body productshttp://PNWSoapCo.com

  • Tormented Artifacts Leatherworks, masks, props, and art, many of which have occult tie-ins and work involved with them. http://tormentedartifacts.com

  • Myst Forest Sculptures, art

  • Earthlight Rocks & Gems Crystals, stones, fossils, carvings, jewelry, beads, rock specimens of all kinds http://https//www.earthlightgems.com 

  • Julia Y Illustrations Mixed media illustrations based on the zodiac, available in art prints, postcards, and original artwork.http://www.JuliaY.com

  • Third Door Tarot -  Modern, mindful tarot reader with a range of spreads good for a variety of customers, timelines, and situations.http://www.thirddoortarot.com

  • All is Divine Tarot - Tarot Readings; Workshop: History, Meaning & Reading of the Tarot. Presented with slides that illuminate the history of the Tarot, the evolution of the Major Arcana, how the Tarot connects with Jungian and Campbellian concepts of archetypes and mythology, as well as how you can become a reader.http://www.allisdivinetarot.com

  • Heartsong Healing Arts and Rare Earth Designs - Spiritual tools for people of most all faiths including divinatory supplies, travel altars, apothecary cases, journals and TreeScents wood-based incenses.http://www.heartsonghealingarts.net and www.rareearthdesigns.net

  • Peace of the Earth Jewelry - I take natural stones which are cut and polishedhttp://www.peaceoftheearthjewelry.com

  • AWE Botanical Parfum - Alchemically designed solid perfume. It contains high-quality essential oils, wild & organic in an organic vegetable base & wild beeswax. http://www.aweparfum.com

  • Henna by HollyHenna body arthttps://www.facebook.com/hennabyholly.kitsap/

  • Oracle of AlanorElastic corset overskirts, drinking horns and horn mugs, wire ears, hanging crystals, fairy wands, wire tree of life wall hangings, circlets, capes

  • Mishu Boutique - Comfortable alternative clothing and pocket belts. 

  • Rosarium Blends - Talismanic and Magical * Incenses * Oils * Perfumes * Occult Books * Handcrafted Ritual Incense Blends, Enchanting Essential Oil Blends, Talismanic Natural Perfumes, All-natural Erotic Apothecary line, Talismanic Medieval Dragon‚Äôs Blood Products, Spirit Bottles, Rare Woods and Resins, and more.https://www.mishuboutique.com/

  • Ixchel Crystals Loads of crystals https://rosariumblends.com/

  • Coventry Handmade porcelain jewelryhttp://www.ixchelcrystals.com

  • Gaean Allusions Pottery -  Wheel-thrown, hand-decorated utilitarian stoneware http://www.coventrybysiddal.com

  • Aria's House Clothing, Crafts & BlessingsHandmade ruana - pashmina, cashmere, plaid, & velvet. Hand-poured essential oil Intent candles. http://www.etsy.com/shop/GaeanAllusionsStudio

  • Avalon SpiritualsWe handcraft spiritual and magical jewelry and personal adornments for all occasions and paths.http://www.ariashouseclothing.com

  • DeschampsiaNature-honoring self care/smudges/distilled plant "spirit" sprays/preindustrial perfumery/bath & bodyhttps://AvalonSpirituals.com

  • The Phoenix and The Fool Essential oil fragrances based on the tarot.http://share-international.us, transmissionmeditation.org

  • The Art of Autumn Tranquilino - Art, paintings, prints, native artisan crafthttp://www.thephoenixandthefool.com

  • Gaia's Workshop Drums I make drums, rattles and other sacred tools for magical living. We sell online and are in the process of opening a retail store in Portland.http://www.autumntranquilinoart.com

  • Up Wood Working - Celtic/Pagan/Norse themed wood carvings for wall display or altarhttp://www.etsy.com/shop/GaiasWorkshopDrums, www.gaiasworkshop.com

  • RK Salts, LLC - All Natural Health Carehttp://www.upwoodworking.com/

  • WynniesAngelz And   Sandy McNaughton Intuitive Medium - We are both Intuitive Psychic Mediums.  Wynnie is a Medical Medium, Pet Psychic, Sandy is also a life coach and shungite rep. 

  • B. Fuller's Mortar & Pestle Artisanal Teas & Tisanes https://wynniesangelz.com/

  • Kwwl RoxOrganic Designs - Golden Phantom Selenite - Energetic Talismans - Personal Power Pieceshttp://www.bfullers.com

  • WitchWay Crystal ShoppeUnique variety of crystals, including crystal skulls,  handcrafted Ritual line of goods (Crystal Cleansing Spray (sage alternative) & Holy Water), spell candles + candleholders, herbal & sage bundles, handmade crystal jewelry

  • Storytime Psychic Alliance - Tarot readings and astrology report https://witchway.shop/

  • The Bodhi Tribe LLC We sell a comfort blend of Yoga mats designed for Yin Yoga and other Hatha Yoga practices that involve holding asanas for longer durations of time. They come in two colors, orange and blue, that we advertise as our Yin and Yang designs. We also sell professional paint stencils in many Yoga inspired designs like Hamsa hands, mandalas, mantras, Aums, elephants, etc. We will also be selling jewelry by an independent designer who works with macrame and healing crystals and gemstones. 

  • Divine Hand Palmistry - Modern Mudras, Discover yourself through the gestures of your hands. The body language of the hands reveals unfiltered and unconscious information about your state of mind and motivations. A "mudra" is a symbolic hand gesture used in Eastern ceremonies, statuary, and dance thought to bestow a specific energetic alignment based on how the hand or body are positioned. The Modern Mudras methodology blends modern psychology and ancient wisdom to create a meaningful way of understanding yourself and to powerfully create the reality you desire.http://www.mandalamethod.com http://www.TheDivineHand.com

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