Tacoma Nutritional Therapy

Web: http://www.tacomanutritionaltherapy.com

Email: amberjoycelewis@gmail.com

About:  Holistic Nutritionist 

The Old Tree Metaphysical Shoppe & Healing Space

FB: https://www.facebook.com/pg/theoldtreeshoppe/about/

Web: www.TheOldTreeShoppe.com

Email: Admin@theoldtreeshoppe.com

About:  Alternative & Holistic Health Services, Massage, Cupping, EIT, Guided Meditation, Tarot, Mediumship, Moon Circles, Shoppe

The Rowan Tree Church

Web: http://www.therowantreechurch.org/

Email: revcharly@therowantreechurch.org

About:  Information about The Rowan Tree Church and Tradition of Lothloriën. , a Wiccan church and tradition founded by Rev. Paul Beyerl . The Rowan Tree Church hosts public full moon rituals at Arcadia in Ballard and has a formal pathworking program leading to ordination. Find us on Meetup - The-Rowan-Tree-Church-PNW

The Rowan Tree Church & The Cabiri

Web: http://www.therowantreechurch.org/

Email: revcharly@therowantreechurch.org

About:  Descent to the Goddess: Underworld Tales from Myth and Folklore

The Scarlet Crow

Email:  karenferrel007@gmail.com

Web: http://www.thescarletcrow.net

About:  Bone Reader and Medium

Third Door Tarot

Email:  hello@thirddoortarot.com

Web: http://www.thirddoortarot.com

About:  I'm a modern, mindful tarot reader with a range of spreads good for a variety of customers, timelines, and situations.

Tormented Artifacts

Email:  dmitri@tormentedartifacts.com

Web: http://tormentedartifacts.com

About:  Leatherworks, masks, props, and art, many of which have occult tie-ins and work involved with them. 

Tree of Life Interfaith Sanctuary (TOLIS)

Web: http://www.tolisanctuary.org

 FB:  https://www.facebook.com/treeolifesanctuary/

About: Veteran's Memorial Tree

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