Planting Seeds of Manifestation

January 19, 2018

Imbolc -- By Belladonna LaVeau


15 degrees Aquarius

On or about February 2

Waxing light, height of winter, Season of Air

Planting the Seeds that will grow and be harvested

Magic – Bringing back the Light, planning for future

We are at this time in the dark half of the year, not yet born. In the great cycle of reincarnation, we are still in the depth of death. We are resting, waiting, contemplating, projecting, and dreaming. We have realized the benefits of merging with the All, and have come to miss our individuality. We begin to assess what we need to continue our evolutionary process and begin setting goals for the future year. Now is the time for serious inner reflection and goal setting. New calendars are purchased, and the ritual of transferring birthdays and important events should be accompanied with detailed goal setting for the coming year.

Imbolc is held at 15° Aquarius. This is the height of winter. Aquarius is fixed air. It is the time of clear, rational thinking, when the energy of the earth is focused on growth, personal and societal evolution. During the time of Aquarius, you are most capable of making sound, informed, intelligent decisions based on your future. You have a unique perspective, where you are somewhat detached from what’s going on, and able to look at things from more of a bird’s eye perspective. You can see where you have been and project where you need to go and what needs to be accomplished at this time, better than any other time of the year. You can use the energy of Aquarius to help you relate to society, and work to fulfill your unique purpose.[1]

Your personal growth cycle begins here, and what you accomplish over the next year’s cycle will make a difference in your mortality, and karma. Carefully contemplate what you wish to accomplish in the coming year, through consulting astrologers, spiritual advisors, dedicated prayer, and meditation. How will you use the next year of your life? Will it be the wasted incarnation of an aimless wanderer, or the conscious effort of an advanced soul?

This sabbat is to celebrate the return of the light and is known as the "Feast of the Waxing Light". It is a time of thoughtfulness, and of finding the light that resides within us. The sun’s glowing rays begin generating life beneath the soil. Now is the time for the planting of seeds.

Imbolc means “in the belly”. At Imbolc we are literally in the belly of the Goddess. In her womb we are waiting to be reborn into our new incarnation of this yearly cycle. Just as we plan our purpose before we are born, we plan our purpose during this part of the year, setting new ideas into motion, and preparing the foundation for our ideas to grow and flourish.

By the date of Imbolc, we should have our goals and plans clearly set. They should be written down on an astrological chart wheel, a calendar, in a journal, a Book of Shadows, or somewhere that you will have them with you for the coming year. These goals should be presented to the God and Goddess for fertilization. There are many ways you can do this. Writing them down and planting them under some seeds in your garden is one good way to do it. There are many others.

Whatever you decide to do, keep a copy for future reference. You’re going to want to review these as the year passes and see how your magic manifests. Happy Planting.


Article Written by: Belladonna LaVeau

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