2020 PSPP Board & Coordinator Application

Nominations for the 2020 board are now closed. We thank you all for your application. The current board will announce the new one shortly. 

Every year Puget Sound Pagan Pride solicits nominations for board and coordinator roles. We are a 100% unpaid, volunteer organization made of Pagans who love the community. 

We seek collaborative, outgoing, dedicated and detail-oriented members of the local community. You help plan, coordinate, report and participate in our annual events. Expect to commit ten hours per month up to three months before the event and 20 or so just prior to the event. We are fun, inclusive and see ourselves as the "landing page" for all local Pagan activities. None of this is possible without the many volunteers who give their time and experience to us.

There are two types of roles. Board and Coordinator. Board roles are the "legal" ones required by the by-laws and Secretary of State. They have greater voting roles and responsibilities to the organization. Volunteer coordinators enable us managing and driving operations.

The community and the world around us are changing and evolving. Become part of the decision-making process as we move into the future.


​Board Roles

  • President

    • Overall coordinator and public face of Pagan Pride. Responsible for ensuring all areas deliver, step in as necessary

    • Work with third parties, find and secure event venue

    • Develop budgets, event themes, and activities in collaboration with the rest of the board.  

    • Run all monthly and public meetings. Along with Secretary, maintain all records for the organization

    • Ensure that we tracking towards an annual event that delights and excites the Pagan and non-Pagan community.  Traditionally a one or two-day event takes place over a weekend in the fall.

    • Ensure all paperwork is filed with local and federal agencies.

    • Ensure the organization (501c3) follows state rules and regulations. 501c3 experience is highly desired

  • Secretary

    • Record meeting minutes during board and public meetings

    • Submit paperwork to Secretary of State

    • Add or remove signers to the bank account

    • Some responsibilities may be shared with President

  • Treasurer

    • Review and manage all of PSPP’s finances. Prepare annual taxes and submit

    • Accounting experience or CPA is highly desired

    • Maintain the group’s bank accounts and ensure proper accounting and financial accountability is being done

    • File taxes with city, state and federal agencies

    • Help develop and manage the budget for annual events and quarterly meetings

    • Some filing responsibilities may be shared with President

  • Board Member-At-Large

    • Is at the discretion of the existing board. Coordinators who demonstrate commitment and collaboration may be invited 

Coordinator Roles (non-board roles)

  • Communications

    • Support and maintain PSPP website

    • Coordinate, develop and post social media postings for events and meetings

    • Collaborate with other board members on messaging

    • Design and layout skills highly desirable 

  • Kids Crafts & Activities

    • Develop programs for children’s track

    • Run kid’s events during PP event

    • Highly social and adept at working with K - 12

  • Workshop/Presenters/Altar Education Walk

    • Find, coordinate and organize presenters

    • Work with Communications to identify and promote presenters

    • Schedule presenters during the day of the event

  • Entertainment 

    • Find, coordinate and organize entertainers

    • Work with Communications to identify and promote entertainers

    • Schedule entertainer during the day of the event

    • Ensure sound and lighting is coordinated with the day of the event facility and entertainer

  • Merchant

    • An excellent network of local merchants

    • Coordinate and solicit signups for vendors

    • Collaborate and setup merchant area at the site

    • Work with merchants on day of the event

PSPP Board/Volunteer Form

You may choose one board role and / or a Volunteer Coordinator. It's not required to choose both. Choose "None" if you don't want that role


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