PSPP President / Local Coordinator:  Michaela Rand

Merry Meet, my name is Michaela Rand (aka Silvermoon Medicyn) and this is my 3rd year as the PSPP President.  I have lived in the Puget Sound Region since 1993 and I currently live in Shoreline. My titles are Medicyn Woman~ Metaphysician. My life threads are woven between Symbiotic Psychic Vampire and Neo~Cosmic Shamanism with a deep focus on Hoodoo and emotional energy healing. I have lived a magical life as long as I can remember.

My prior experience with Pagan Pride has been as a vendor, workshop instructor and coordinator.   I personally look forward to being part of Pagan Pride for many years. My goals are to help us grow into one of the nation’s largest gathering for Pagans in this region. I enjoy helping people find themselves and grow into the spiritual being they wish to become in a safe and supporting environment.

Email:  president.pspp@gmail.com


PSPP Secretary/Treasurer: Nicole Piele

Hello! My name is Nicole and this will be my 4th year as treasurer for PSPP. I have enjoyed the welcoming arms of the local community and the acceptance of the many paths that we all walk. I have lived all my life in the PNW and cannot see myself anywhere else. This is truly my home, rain and all. Outside of PSPP I enjoy being outdoors, in my garden, or in my kitchen creating up some new herbal salve, tincture or balm. Each year we continue to grow, increase outside participation and find more open doors to share and bring together our communities. I am glad that I can continue to be a part of that growth.

Email: treasurer.pspp@gmail.com


PSPP Vice President:  Barney Remington

Hello to all!  I'm energized to be entering my 3rd year as the vice-president of PSPP. Our team accomplished amazing things over the last year, and I'm excited to see where we go from here. During my first year on the board, I had worked to expand our partnership with other charitable organizations in the area, and I hope to continue that effort through 2016.  I am a firm believer in volunteerism, and I think that strengthening our relationships with our charitable partners will also strengthen our community. As I follow a non-dogmatic Northern Tradition, community and service are cornerstones of my spirituality, and I approach my duties with PSPP from that mindset.

Outside of pagan pride activities, I also like to play RPGs, read, volunteer with animal rescue/welfare groups, attend small festivals, and go wine tasting. I'm also a member of the SCA; though I've been inactive, I have just started getting back out to the archery range and fighting field.  

Email: vicepresident.pspp@gmail.com

PSPP Board Member at Large: Lawrence I. Lerner

Hello and Merry Meet! This is my freshman year as a BMAL (Board Member At Large). I am a “cafeteria pagan” taking a bit from several traditions and polytheistic faiths. My Path is continuously being woven with threads from spiritual, business and other peoples' I met along life’s journey. I’ve been blessed to live a magical life and am invoked with the spirit of my Patron. A belief in the need for people’s emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical advancement is our shared goal.


It’s been my personal joy and pleasure to have been accepted into the community after so many years away from my spiritual and religious beliefs. Among the other goals of PSPP, my other efforts are focused on awareness building (within and without the Pagan community) and inter-faith relations. None of us should worship alone, except by choice. I look forward to supporting the needs of the community and meeting you at local events and elsewhere.

Email: bmal.pspp.1@gmail.com



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