2019 Board of Directors

PSPP President: Lawrence Lerner

Hello and Merry Meet! I am the President of Puget Sound Pagan Pride. I am a “cafeteria pagan” taking a bit from several traditions. My Path is continuously being woven with threads from my spiritual, business and other peoples’ I meet along life’s journey. I’ve been blessed with a magickal life and am invoked with the spirit of my Patron. A belief in the need for people’s emotional, spiritual, intellectual and physical advancement is our shared goal.

It’s been my personal joy and pleasure to have been accepted into the community. Along with the other board members and volunteers community building and outreach is our shared goal. Pagan Pride can be the place where we bring together and help many find resources to fulfill their spiritual needs. I believe none of us should worship alone, except by choice. 

I look forward to supporting the needs of the community and meeting you at local events and elsewhere.

Email: President.pspp@gmail.com

PSPP Co-Treasurer:  Nicole Piele


Welcome! I have been the treasurer here at Puget Sound Pagan Pride going on 4 years now. I have enjoyed my time on the board and meeting new friends as I go. I love the eclectic paths of everyone I meet and in seeing us all come together for a common good. My personal path itself is quite eclectic as I draw from both my Native American and Celtic heritage, but I work with what works for me and what strengthens my own spirituality. 


I have lived in the Pacific Northwest all my life and I cannot imagine living anywhere else. When I am not in my garden, you can find me in my kitchen canning up what I grew, creating salves and tinctures for herbal healing, crafting soaps, candles or teas, or putting my own recipes on paper. I enjoy the outdoors and rain or shine, I spend as much time as I can hiking and wildcrafting. 


I look forward to another year of supporting this wonderful community and seeing what we can do, together. 


Email:  treasurer.pspp@gmail.com

PSPP Board Member At Large/ Children's Activities Coordinator: Nina LaBrosse


Hello, my name is Nina LaBrosse! I am excited to fill the new position of Children's Activities Coordinator for this upcoming Puget Sound Pagan Pride. I hold a similar roll as an officer with the Ever Green Hearth (an affiliate coven of the Aquarian Tabernacle Church), so it just seemed natural to run the kids activities for PSPP. I've been Pagan for just a little over 20 years as an eclectic witch, but am now on the path of formal clergy training in the WISE tradition.


I'm a transplant from the East Coast, but have made my home here in the Pacific NW for several years now. I'm a kitchen witch; canning, baking, cooking, making soap, art, and tinctures, all with magickal intent, it’s my jam (pun intended, hah!).


Outside of the Craft and crafting, I am on the board for PFLAG of Olympia, a non-profit LGBTQ advocacy and education community resource group, a Planned Parenthood activist and enthusiast, and all around social justice activist. You can find me at the Witches March in Olympia, PRIDE in Seattle, and March Against Monsanto somewhere in between.


I can't wait to be a part of this amazing regional gathering of magickal folk!

Email: Kidscrafts.pspp@gmail.com

PSPP Board Member At Large/ Vendor Coordinator: Jessica Papineau

Hello friends my name is Jessica Papineau. I Have lived on the sound my whole life. I consider myself an eclectic pagan I work a lot with nature and creation energy. I live a magical life through my work in the community as a Maker, Reader, Healer, and  Guide. I  Love sharing spirituality with others and helping them find their path. You'll find me at events all  Over the puget sound area. When I'm not doing shows I'm connecting with nature or creating something magical.

I'm Especially glad to be working with all of the  vendors in our community. It lights me up seeing people use their gifts and create.  The only thing I enjoy more is when people find exactly what they need from those people.

Email: Vendor1.pspp@gmail.com

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