2016 Pagan Pride Day

We would personally want to thank everyone that came to Pagan Pride 2016. We met hundreds of new and old community members. It was an amazing weekend. I have so many people to thank...powerful ritualist...so much emotional movement. 
Amazing vendors and readers, the Pagan community is so creative here in the Pacific Northwest.
The stage people, the bands and of all Freight House Square staff and management. You guys rock. 
Last but not least the volunteers that worked their bottoms and feet off. I am beyond proud to be supported by so many amazing people. We had the most volunteers we have had since I started with Pagan Pride. Being surrounded by a community like this is what motivates me to continue for the cause. Thank you again. We are already looking forward to PPD 2017!

PSPP is committed to providing the best possible free event we can for you every year, but we need your help to do so.

Please take a moment to follow the link below and give us feedback on what we did well, what we can add, and what we can do better. 

Please remember that Puget Sound Pagan Pride is entirely run by volunteers, so please keep feedback constructive and feel free to specifically mention the name of any of our volunteers, teachers, or performers who went above and beyond to make your event memorable.

[Note: Vendors, you will be receiving a separate survey link with different questions. Since we can only receive a limited number of responses to the survey, we ask that you hold all your comments until the vendor survey.]


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